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Turn on Your Partner for Romance

Posted by Unknown on Monday, March 24, 2014
How to get both him and her in the mood.
Turn on Your Partner

It is argued by many that ambience plays just as big a part in a love making experience as any other aspect of sex and yet it is often completely overlooked.
The key to creating the right atmosphere is to think about the five senses and try to create an atmosphere that appeals to all of them.

Beginning with touch, it is important to make sure that the environment in which you are making love is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Think about the basics such as clean, crisp bed linen through to exotic tactile treats like feathers or ice cubes. Sight could be stimulated by anything from a surprise of sexy underwear to the soft, seductive candlelight. And those candles could also appeal to your partner's sense of smell, especially if you try burning some scented candles. 

"Cover the basics: clean, crisp bed linen and try exotic tactile treats like feathers or ice cubes."

If candles aren't your thing then try flowers instead; they're more subtle but they will help make any room smell nice.
On to taste — and everyone knows that certain foods like oysters are supposed to have "magical" aphrodisiacal qualities. But if your partner would rather stick to a plainer menu, so be it.
The final sense is hearing and the obvious way to appeal to this sense is through music. Everyone will have their own seductive soundtrack, but subtle background "mood music" is probably your best bet.

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