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How to Increase Breast Size with a Bra

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, February 11, 2014
It cannot be denied that having a well-proportioned body enhances a woman’s self-confidence. When it comes to a well-proportioned body, there is an unwritten law among men and women’s circle that breast size is, indeed, important. There is always that hidden notion that a full-breasted woman is more attractive to men.
Like a car with a great front bumper, a woman’s breasts or boobies or what-do-we-call-them are often discussed amidst hush-hush tones. To some, lacking in volume can be such a dilemma when trying to look good.
For someone who might not be blessed with a cup C or D, whether due to genetics or weight issues, there are certain methods that will not require popping a pill or massaging with some icky creams and gels or lying down a cosmetic surgeon’s table to enhance your appeal.

Tips to Increase Breast Size with a Bra

If it is all-natural, non-invasive and less expensive alternative you want, finding out how to increase breast size with a bra would be bliss.

Get the Right Padded Fit

If you want to know how to increase breast size with a bra, finding out the right fit will ultimately help you achieve natural breast enhancement technique. Finding the right bra means choosing one that fits your body frame in a comfortable and supportive manner. Keep in mind that wearing a much bigger bra does not necessarily deliver an image of fuller breasts. It can actually make you look awkward in most cases.
To achieve a fuller look, it is important to properly measure the right fit before purchasing a padded bra. Keep in mind that you can buy one or two sizes more than your current fit so long as you choose a full cup breast enhancer. These full-cup enhances are usually highly recommended for women with very small breasts. For your right fit, here is the proper way to measure your bra size:
  • Use a tape measure and wrap it around your body, from your back to the topmost portion of your breast. Make sure both ends meet to get exact chest size.
  • To get your breast size, place one end of the measuring tape on the top of your nipples. Wrap it under your armpit then, behind your back. The other end should meet with the one end on top of your nipples. This will give you your breast size.
  • If chest size = breast size, you are a cup AA
  • If breast size is 1-inch bigger, you are a cup A
  • if breast size is 2-inch bigger, you are a cup B
  • if breast size if 3-inch bigger, cup C; 4-inch bigger, cup D, and so on
  • Combine chest size and cup size to determine your exact bra size. Example, if your chest size is 34 inches and you are an A cup, a 34A is your perfect fit. If you buy a padded bra, buying a 34 B or C will help create an illusion of a fuller breast image for you. Take note that you can only add up to 2 sizes higher to generate a natural fuller look.

Push Ups and Inserts

Today, there are also amazing array of push-ups and inserts that will solve your problem on how to insert breast size with a bra. These natural breast enhancers make use of either fabric or silicone pads to create a more natural full-breasted look. Inserts can either be incorporated on the inner bra pockets or be fitted next to one’s breast for a more natural fit and feel. Most of these are water- and sweat-proofed designed amiably to conform to your breast shape.
Push-up bras, on the other hand, often make use of fabric inserts that are shaped in semi-circles usually inserted on the inner bra pockets. These inserts are placed strategically on the bottom portion to help “push” the breasts up and create a cleavage. For a more au naturelle look, choose push-up bras with silicone inserts that can be locked in place.

Know the Right Style

Your bra style can also impact your breast size. Steer clear of square-top bras as it will make you look flat. Plunging V-cut and demi-style bras are great options for you as these help gather full volume of your overall breast and generate maximum cleavage. In the same as buying a two-piece bathing suit, a V-cut or demi top will help create an illusion of fullness and bigger bumpers. These styles also hide inserts more reliably.

Bra Fabric Significance

Your choice of fabric can also affect your objective of increasing your breast size via a bra. You would not want to look textured or lumpy. When wearing form-fitting clothes, use bras with smooth, seamless finish. Cotton, satin or nylon would be great options. Leave lace-y ones for intimate moments.
Indeed, there are ways on how to increase breast size with a bra. Invest well on a full breast enhancer or a push-up bra. Through careful fitting and choice of fabric, design and style, you can easily create a fuller look and gain back your confidence.

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