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Myths about Masturbation

Posted by Unknown on Monday, February 17, 2014

Myth 1 - Only males masturbate.

Reality - Females masturbate as much as males do. However, they tend to report it less than males due to the social stigma attached to it.

Also it has been observed that females tend to reduce or discontinue masturbation once they get into meaningful sexual relationships.

Myth 2 - Masturbation results in low sperm count

Reality - The quantity and quality of semen does not have anything to do with masturbation. Ejaculating more through masturbation will not result in low sperm count as the body keeps on producing sperms.

Myth 3 - Masturbation makes one less sexually responsive

Reality - It is a common myth regarding masturbation that the act makes a person less responsive to stimulation by a partner, which is not true. It is healthy and a good way to learn about your body and sexual responsiveness. Masturbation helps men to know their ejaculation point.

Myth 4 - Masturbation is unhealthy

Reality - Masturbation per se does not cause any health hazards. It is not an unhealthy habit. However, it may be mentally unhealthy if it assumes obsessive proportions and the individual is unable to think of anything else. It may also have physical repercussions if the instrument used to masturbate is dirty or infected.

Myth 5 - Only teenagers masturbate

Reality - Though the practice usually begins during adolescence, almost all adults practice it at some time or the other in their lives. Masturbation is nothing but a healthy way of releasing sexual energies.

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