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The Best Blonde: How To Pick Your Perfect Shade Of Blonde

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Going blonde couldn’t be hotter right now, so to rock this stunning trend yourself, we’ve consulted Pierre Michel salon colorist Gil Fortes to give us the lowdown on this white hot trend. From what shade is suitable for you, to what products you should buy to maintain your look, we’ve got the answers to all your burning blonde questions.

The Beauty Bean: There are so many shades of blonde, how do you determine which one is right for you?
Gil Fortes: “The shade of color that is right for your hair always goes by your skin tone. For example, a more olive skin tone would go better with a honey blonde, while a paler skin tone would brighten up with a lighter platinum blonde.”

TBB: Are skintone and eye color something to consider when choosing that perfect shade?
GF: “Skintone is a definite factor, but eye color doesn’t matter as much, as blonde color usually makes any eye color pop!”
TBB: Is an ombre blonde something to consider if you want a more low maintenance look?
GF: “Ombre looks better with roots, so it will make your trips to the salon fewer and further apart. The look is more low maintenance, but at the same time it isn’t, as your hair will still look freshly done even after roots grow in, because of the way they blend in with the hair.”
TBB: When going blonde for the first time, what are some important things to consider?
GF: “Less is more. Have your highlights done one or two shades lighter than your natural haircolor, and then slowly go lighter and lighter each time you are due for a touch up.”
TBB: How long can the “blonding” process take?
GF: “It really depends on how thick and long the hair is, and of course, on what color you were to begin with to be honest. If it’s a complete color change as in dark brown to blonde, it would be a much lengthier process.
TBB: Since at home care is very important, what tips and tricks are essential to maintaining your color at home!
GF: “Always use a color safe shampoo and conditioner such as Iso Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner. In the warmer months, always protect your hair against fading from the sun. Be sure to wear hats, or spray hair with a hair sunscreen oil. And to avoid discoloration caused by chlorine, always apply conditioner to hair before swimming.”
TBB: How do you avoid unwanted brassiness?
GF: “Brassiness unfortunately in certain blondes is unavoidable, but washing the hair with a purple tint shampoo such as Angela Cosmai Sky Blue once a week will help rid the hair of the brassiness.”
TBB: How often should you schedule appointments to upkeep this look?
GF: “Ten to twelve weeks, depending on how quickly your roots grow in.”
TBB: What shades look best on longer and shorter lengths of hair?
GF: “Ombre usually looks better on longer hair. Since you need to have different shades growing out from top to bottom, you need longer layers to blend the colors more. Shorter hair works better with regular highlights.”

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