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5 Honest Reasons People Are So Happy

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Researchers decided to figure out what makes certain groups of people so happy.

Everyone has a handful of people in their lives who are always happy and never complain about their lives. We desperately want to ask them, 
“What’s your secret for happiness?” but oftentimes they don’t know what specifically makes them happy.

These are a few contributors scientists say are making people some of the most happiest on earth:

1. Relationships - Endless relationships

It shouldn’t come too much as a surprise that having relationships naturally makes people happy and feel needed. The more social relationships and bonds you build, the happier you feel about life. If this doesn’t quite register, think about how much regret someone feels about not spending enough time with a loved one or the greatest group of friends they have ever known.

2. Being busy wins

While some people say they wish they had more time to sit around and do nothing, it was found that having too much time can be more harmful to your happiness levels. Although, the flip side to this is not feeling absolutely rushed while staying busy with your life routine. It’s important to keep doing things you love to do and that you’re amazing at because you’re practicing your signature strengths that automatically create happiness.

3. Get out of the job you can’t stand

If you want to take a look at it from this vantage point, think about how many hours you are wasting at a job every year that you can’t stand to go to every day. Months easily turn into years of staying comfortable in a place, yet miserable at this one job, so keep moving until you find what you’re looking for.

4. Make a plan for happiness

You may have heard that waiting around for happiness may only disappoint you when it doesn’t show up—this is a clear example of being passive aggressive about finding your happiness. If you’re not sure what makes you happy, start paying attention when you feel great and what is making you feel great. Then, make it a point to schedule yourself to do things you love.

5. Giving, but be careful with this one

There is a fine line when giving too much can become a problem for people’s health. Obviously, giving makes us very happy, especially when it involves helping other find purpose or reaching their goals in life. But there is a warning to what selfless activity of giving can do, meaning it can easily start to become a stress more than a happiness trigger. Some researchers suggest to help balance giving is to devote to the 100 Hour Rule—which says you can give a hundred hours a year, which equals out to two hours every week to keep your mind balanced.

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